Chemical Matrixectomies

Chemical Matrixectomy –  Sodium Hydroxide Chemical Matrixectomies are the preferred method of chemical matrixetomies performed at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center.  The advantages of this procedure outweigh the disadvantages and the success rate is very high. Documented success rates are over 98%.  Another advantage is little to no post operative discomfort for most patients.  Surgical matrixetomies on the other hand tend to be very painful post operatively despite faster healing time.  Yet another advantage of chemical matrixectomies is a lack of disability after the procedure.  Often, one can return to work after the procedure.  The fact the chemical matrixectomies do not require any incisions, cosmesis is yet another advantage.   This procedure is performed in the office most of the time with the use of special instruments designed specifically for the procedure.

A disadvantage of chemical matrixectomies is the healing time.  The process of healing is an inflammatory reaction from the chemical that causes the surgical area to drain.  If the entire nail is removed and a chemical matrixectomy is performed, healing time can be 3-8 weeks.  Partial nail removal with a chemical matrixectomy take 2-4 weeks to heal.

Some complications of the procedure include a recurrence of the nail spicule.  Sometimes the entire nail may be lost with performing partial nail removal on both sides of the nail plate. This is especially true if the nail is already thick and very curved prior to the procedure.   Formation of an abscess also may occur after a matrixectomy.  This occurs due to failure of the toe to drain.  This is why post operative follow up visits are very important.

Post operative care of a chemical matrixectomy is very important.  At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, our physicians advise daily cleaning in the shower or bath with liquid soap and a wash cloth.  In addition, daily application of a wound gel known as Amerigel is important until the toe is completely healed. One may also soak the involved foot twice daily in warm water mixed with epsom salt and vinegar for 15 minutes twice daily and then cover the toe ointment and band aid.

Phenol and Alcohol chemical matrixectomies are another method of performed the procedure.  At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center our physicians choose to use sodium hydroxide over Phenol due to decreased recovery time with sodium hydroxide.

The physicians at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center in McKinney and Prosper, Texas have years of experience in performing ingrown nail procedures.  Our team will make you feel at ease as we treat your toenail condition.    Please call us at 972-542-2155 to schedule an appointment with one of our residency trained foot and ankle specialists.

Dr. Eric Silvers, Dr. Robert Hadfield and Dr. Dustin Lloyd are highly-trained foot and ankle surgeons specializing in the treatment and resolution of toenail pathologies.

The physicians are located at both McKinney, TX & Prosper, TX.

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